Colony Trail Bag

The Colony Trail Bag is the perfect solution for conscientious hikers, outdoor enthusiasts, and pet owners to pick up after themselves, and the trail!  This bag is perfectly designed to make it easy to "carry-in, carry-out" day hike rubbish from your pet, other hikers, or yourself.  

We designed the Colony Trail Bag to be easy and practical for the everyday person to stow out of the way in their vehicle, so it's ready-to-hand to clean-up during any quick day trip.  

Activity Guide

Day hike/Trash Walk: Grab the Colony Trail Bag and adjust the strap to wear as a satchel while you enjoy the trail, and collect errant pieces of trash you might find along the way.  

Dog Walk: The built in doggy bag dispenser makes it extremely easy and convenient to clean up after your pet, just drop the liner bags into the 210D waterproofed Colony Trail Bag to keep it convenient and clean.

Running: Easily roll up and secure the colony trail bag and strap around your waist to control bouncing, while it carries your energy shots, cell phone, and snacks in a separate, sanitary pouch.  The Colony Trail Bag easily expands to carry your snack rubbish, and trail rubbish you might find.


1 - Colony Trail Bag, 9" x 14"
1 - Multi-purpose strap, adjustable from 30"-56"
1 - Complimentary biodegradable & compostable liner bag roll

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