3 car hacks to help you avoid the temptation of littering while driving

3 car hacks to help you avoid the temptation of littering while driving

April 30, 2020

If you went driving this week, you likely saw someone littering from their car. How do you feel when you see someone roll down their window and throw out their trash? In contrast, are you a litterbug?  

A litterbug is somebody who litters by throwing or leaving their trash on the ground. Vehicle drivers who throw out their cigarette butts, soda cans, empty cups, or gum wrappers are litterbugs. Likewise, those who haul trash, or other materials, which are improperly covered or secured, fall into the same category. 

In this article, we'll give you three car hacks to help you avoid the temptation of littering while driving. We're also including a few reminders about why littering is so detrimental. 

3 car hacks to help you avoid littering this week

    1. Colony Cleanup Bag - The perfect litter and clean up accessory for any hiking, running, or outdoor activityKeep a litter bag in your vehicle or hang onto litter until you find a garbage can. If you don't have a bag in your vehicle, we suggest the Colony Cleanup bag. It is a handy, good-looking bag that allows you quick access to disposing of your trash. It slips around the headrest of your seat, providing you easy access to throw away that sticky lollipop stick your toddler just handed you.
    2. Start a new routine today that will help you avoid leaving trash in your vehicle. Every time you arrive at your destination, gather up the garbage. This includes that small gum wrapper you rolled into a ball and tossed in your cup holder. Remember to grab the lunch wrappers that you threw behind you as you cleared the passenger seat. When you throw away your garbage every time you arrive at your destination, you also throw away the temptation of littering later. It is easy to find garbage cans and recycle bins, especially if you are looking for them. 
    3. Pack a tarp or straps before you leave your house, to ensure any load you might haul will be adequately secured. No matter the situation, it benefits you and everyone around you to ensure your cargo isn't going anywhere. 


"Litter cleanup costs the U.S. almost $11.5 billion each year, with businesses paying $9.1 billion. Governments, schools, and other organizations pick up the remainder." - KAB.org

You can avoid adding to the problem by throwing away your trash where it belongs, which includes securing your load with a tarp or straps too. 

Colony Cleanup - 3 Tips on how to avoid littering from your car

How does littering impact our environment?

It may seem as though littering may be one of the lower priority problems in a community. Yet it impacts everybody in it. While there is not anything pretty about litter, there are not any benefits to it either. It affects our air quality and gravely impacts animals and their natural habitat. Remember, littering impacts our environment every time it happens. At Colony Cleanup, we encourage everyone to do their part, even if it isn't their garbage. 

Colony Cleanup - Why do people litter?

Why do people litter?

A common belief among people who litter is, "It's not a big deal." Others may lack a sense of pride in their community. Moreso, people visiting another city, may feel less inclined to keep it clean. As a result, littering takes place every single day. You can contribute to changing this. Help spread awareness of the negative impacts of littering.  

Avoid being a litterbug. Avoid creating future litterbugs by being an example to your children. You can help spread awareness to your friends and family by teaching them about the harmful effects of littering. Follow the suggestions we've provided today to help avoid the temptation of littering altogether. Again remember it starts with you, and it's a fun activity to do with your whole family. 

If you are ready to get involved in helping to clean up your neighborhood, contact us at Colony Cleanup for local events around you.

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