The colony cleanup story

Our Mission

a trashy problem

Colony Cleanup is built on the idea that most people would clean-up litter and garbage if it was easy and practical to do so.  We built the brand on the idea of a colony of bees that are always building and improving their colony. We envision a better world in which people do the same; everyone contributes just a little bit each time they go out to improve our home. 

We designed our first product, the Trail Bag, to accommodate the most common outdoor activity, the "day hike".  We felt that if we could offer a durable, eco-friendly, and re-usable product that is easy to store in your car, so it's always ready, then it would be easier for people to grab it and do a little bit of cleanup while they're out hiking.  We're also very excited about the myriad of uses the bag offers beyond picking up rubbish. From picking fruit like cherries, packing a lunch on a ski trip, and collecting general camping trash, the Trail Bag delivers.

Colony is Born

We developed the concept behind these products while day-hiking with our family.  We had been carrying empty plastic grocery bags with us to collect rubbish, but their utility is limited, and are generally not biodegradable (so therefore are part of the problem).  We tried to think of all the features that would be nice to us, waterproof coating, simple emptying process, closures, and versatility. We then worked with Klugonyx in SLC to build the tech pack and prototype to bring the product to life.  Then we asked Kelsey at O'Callaghan Design to help us with design.  We ended up with an incredible product, an inspirational brand, and a catchy logo!

Colony Raises $36,116 on Kickstarter

Colony launched a campaign on Kickstarter in July 2020 and successfully raised over $36,000 in pre-sales. Nearly 1,000 backers helped bring the Colony Trail Bag to life, demonstrating the demand for a better liter collection system. 

Clean up together, leave it better.

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