Can picking up trash, while you walk, improve your mental health?

Can picking up trash, while you walk, improve your mental health?

Can picking up trash, while you walk, improve your mental health?  

To pick up trash, or not to pick up trash? It is a split-second question most people come across every day. For many, there is no question in their mind; they will not walk past the piece of garbage. As a result, they can experience mental health benefits. Improve your mental health by picking up trash instead of walking past it. Sounds too good to be true, but is it? 

When you decide to pick up trash during a walk, you enhance your environment. As you are picking up trash in your neighborhood, you are making your community a better place to live. In fact, studies show there is a correlation between engaging in a good cause and your mental health. When people pick up trash, knowing they made a difference, it positively impacts their mental health. 

Now, let's look at the physical benefits.

Leave nothing but footprints by picking up your trash.

At Colony Cleanup, we are passionate about cleaning up our colony (neighborhoods). One piece of trash at a time improves the colony. Our mission is simple, "Leave nothing but footprints." 

"Leave No Trace" is a philosophy used by naturalists. It's shared meaning spans across the entire world. As you enter into a natural setting, remember we all live on this planet. What we do, or leave behind, has an impact. Trash can negatively impact our physical health. For example, leaving trash behind, likely means an animal will find it. It eats the trash and any germs growing on it. The bacteria can morph into diseases. Then as a carrier of the disease, they can pass it onto humans. Likewise, trash pollutes the natural habitat. Pollution has adverse effects on animals and humans' physical health. Both influence our physical and mental health. 

 “Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints” 

How you can get started picking up trash.

The fact is, your city's recycling program is a significant first step in the "leaving nothing but footprints" initiative. Yet, it doesn't offer you the same physical and mental health benefits of walking and picking up trash. 

It does help you to make the conscious decision to help make an impact. Every tiny bit of effort will add up over time. 

There's no substitute for getting outside to be healthy. 

People love hearing that getting involved with neighborhood cleanups can have so many physical and mental health benefits. Participating in a community cleanup can be simple. Walking to your recycle bin and tossing in a few empty cans of soda, milk containers, or boxes count as participation.  

Today there is so much cleanup to do within our neighborhoods. Here are some of the most crucial cleanup tasks you and your family can do today. Each is easy and can be completed with a small bag (and some gloves). 

  • Spend one hour today enjoying the sun and fresh air, while picking up litter outside. 
  • Commit to yourself that every time you see a piece of trash today, you'll pick it up and throw it away. 
  • If you see someone littering, you can kindly ask them if they noticed they dropped something. Or do service and pick it up yourself.
  • Organize a colony cleanup event for your family, neighbors, friends, co-workers, or fellow church members to pick up litter for an hour. 

All of these have both physical and mental health benefits. 

  • Feel a sense of accomplishment knowing you are making a difference
  • Getting exercise 
  • Enjoy the fresh air and the sun
  • Getting to know people 
  • Cleaner surroundings.

What does “Cleanup Your Colony” mean?

We use the term "Cleanup Your Colony," but what does it mean? It means you want your neighborhood to be clean, and you are doing something about it. It also means you believe in a cause to make a difference in the world. Furthermore, it is something that you can do with your family. You can strengthen your relationships while picking up trash together. The mentioned physical and mental health benefits in this article are a bonus. 

TIP: Use smaller garbage bags. They are easier to carry and fill up quickly. By doing so, each family member can gain a sense of accomplishment sooner rather than later. Plus, you can make it more exciting and fun by turning the cleanup effort into a game or a contest. 

Again, to reap all the mentioned benefits, you need to get involved in the process. You can start today by picking up trash rather than walking past it. At Colony Cleanup, we know the sense of accomplishment that comes from actively engaging in a good cause.

No matter where you live, "Cleanup Your Colony" starts with you and in your neighborhood. Join us!