The Trash Cleanup Challenge Making Its Way Across Social Media, Are You In?

The Trash Cleanup Challenge Making Its Way Across Social Media, Are You In?

It seems like everyone is up for a challenge of some sort these days. Social media is helping to bring awareness to many great causes. As a result, people are changing their perspective and, most importantly, creating change. The trash cleanup challenge is bringing awareness to the dire needs of our planet. 


The environmental toll of pollution and waste are devastating. Whether it's a lack of education or motivation, we're eager to help make a change. At Colony Cleanup, we work hard to raise awareness about the impact of litter and trash. Today we're talking about the trash cleanup challenge on social media, "Project #trashtag." 


People around the world are uniting in a mission to clean up our planet. From America to India, posts using the hashtag #trashtag can be found on social platforms. Before and after pics are being posted, showing what a difference picking up litter can make. 


So, are you up for the trash cleanup challenge? #trashtag


Colony Cleanup - #TrashTag Challenge, Are you in?

When Did the Trash Cleanup Challenge Begin? 


Here we are August 2020, and the hashtag #trashtag has over 181K posts on Instagram. Just five short years ago, two ambassadors of the company UCO were on a trip. Their receipt flew out the window, and they were unable to retrieve it. So, they decided to pick up 100 pieces of litter to make up for theirs. This event ignited the early stages of the trash cleanup challenge. 


Fast forward to a challenge on Facebook for bored teens to start cleaning up garbage and litter. One thing led to another, and soon UCO was backing the idea to challenge everyone to pick up trash. The hashtag #trashtag seemed like the perfect fit to get this idea trending on social, and that it did. 


The trash cleanup challenge is raising awareness of plastics and pollution, especially in our oceans. #trashtag is another successful challenge that is helping to make the world a better place. 


Pictures and posts show people having fun as they do their part to take care of our planet by picking up garbage. As a result, more and more are spreading the word about the latest trash cleanup challenge. Are you up for it? 


Colony Cleanup - #OUTDOORROOMBA Challenge

Why Should I Care About the Latest Trash Cleanup Challenge?


Did you know, it's estimated that by 2050 our oceans will contain more plastics than fish, by weight? This is according to a 2016 report released by the World Economic Forum and Ellen MacArthur Foundation. (


Plastics that take years to decay are injuring and killing marine life in a variety of ways. Many animals die either by choking, suffocation, or starvation as their stomachs fill with plastic they can't digest. Likewise, toxins in marine life then make their way into our food chain. Thus, the problem is one that should concern everyone around the world. 


The same is true for garbage left behind in forests, or other areas, where wildlife is out searching for food. Moreso, landfills full of waste are releasing gases and pollutants into our atmosphere. As a result, our planet needs all of us to step up in big ways. Hence, the trash cleanup challenge is a great way to make a difference and support a great cause. 


Colony Cleanup - Why you should join a social media Trash Cleanup Challenge

How Do I Get Started in the Trash Cleanup Challenge?


So, you're feeling up for a trash cleanup challenge?! The best news is, you don't need much to begin. Whether you want to start in your neighborhood or head up to the mountains, trash is waiting for you. Post your images using the hashtag #outdoorroomba 


If you need a bag that makes disposing of and carrying waste easy, consider the Colony Cleanup Bag. It offers cleanliness and convenience all in one hands-free bag. Remember to snap a few pictures before you begin to clean up and then after. Then post them to your social media platform using the hashtag #trashtag. The great thing about picking up litter is you make a difference the moment you choose not to leave it on the ground. So, enjoy the fun of being part of a good cause, and the 'feel-good' feelings that accompany it. 


At Colony Cleanup, we've accepted the trash cleanup challenge. We're eager for everyone to get involved in the #outdoorroomba trend to help save our planet. Join us today! 


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