Upcycling Is a Good Alternative to Recycling and It Can Be Fun Too?

Upcycling Is a Good Alternative to Recycling and It Can Be Fun Too?

These days, it seems everyone knows what recycling is. It's the process of turning your waste into something reusable. However, usually, when something is recycled, the quality decreases. On the contrary, upcycling takes waste and turns it into something more valuable. In fact, craft nights across the country are shifting toward upcycling. 


When you decide to upcycle, you're not sending something away to be broken down into a different material. Instead, you keep it and turn into something better. Upcycling helps eliminate waste. Likewise, it's helping children and families find new uses for old items. As a result, we're saving money and helping to save our planet. 


Let's discuss the many benefits of upcycling. 


 Colony Cleanup - Is upcycling is something you can do while on your next walk or hike?

What is Upcycling? 


According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, upcycling is, "To create an object of greater value from an object of lesser value." 


Over time, objects around the house become old or outdated. As a result, many things end up being tossed into the trash and dumped in a landfill or out in our environment. However, upcycling is changing this pattern of waste. Now, rather than tossing things you find on your hike or walk out, try recreating them into something new. From decoupage to wallpaper, new fabric, or paint, now you make them like new and keep those items around forever. 


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How Does Upcycling Help Children Learn to Live a Greener Lifestyle?


As a parent, it's our job to teach our children about the dangers of waste. We all have a duty to help keep our planet clean, and our children need to know what their role is in all this. Upcycling is a fun way to teach our future generation about living a greener lifestyle. 


It may feel a bit daunting to consider our children are watching us closely. If you take pride in less waste and recycling, they are likely to do the same. So, rather than walking past litter, if you stop and pick it up, they will too. Our children learn through our actions much quicker than through our words. As you teach them to recycle and upcycle, their awareness about the damaging effects of waste increases. As a result, your children can teach their kids about the importance of protecting our planet. 


So, what can you do? Start by asking yourself what you're tossing out and if it can be useful in another way. For example, rather than tossing your old toothbrush, clean it in boiling water, and then let your children use it as a paintbrush or cleaning tool. 


As you show your children how you are thinking about everything you're throwing away, they'll learn to do the same. Upcycling is a great way to keep many things out of the landfills and save you money at the same time too. 


Can Upcycling Help Your Mental Health?


We know upcycling is good for the earth. Likewise, it helps children learn about recycling and living a green lifestyle. But, did you know it can improve your mental health too?


As we're living life among a new pandemic, stress is taking over. For many, finding ways to decompress may be limited to things you can do at home. Starting a new project can serve as a great distraction from your racing thoughts. Likewise, using your creativity can be refreshing and relaxing. Setting your worries and fears aside for a while can provide you with the mental break you need. 


The same is true for our children who are also living in a world of unknown and stress. Upcycling can be a stress-reducing, mental-health boosting activity everyone can benefit from. Furthermore, when your project is complete, imagine how great it will feel to say, "Yes, I made that. Plus, I didn't contribute to the waste problem either." 


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Ideas for Your Next Upcycling Project


So, you're feeling eager to upcycle something but don't know where to start? Pinterest is a great place to help spark some ideas. Likewise, you can walk through your house and see if there's a room that needs a bit of an updo. Cardboard boxes, tin cans, and even clothing can all be useful in the upcycling process. Ask your children for insight. Before tossing things out, ask them what you can create. An afternoon crafting a new place to put their toys can help keep little hands and minds busy for a few hours. 


Next time you consider throwing away something old, remember, there's an alternative to the landfill. Depending on your creation, you may even be able to sell your items to earn extra money. Upcycling is a great alternative to recycling and has many benefits. 


At Colony Cleanup, we're always searching for ways to help save our planet and have fun at the same time. Upcycling aligns with our core values and mission, and we think the benefits make it worth trying. We’ve created the perfect bag to help you collect trash in your upcycling quests. 


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