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ColonyCleanup.com - Jacob and Seth (Founders)

This article isn't just another Kickstarter product to scroll past. Here's why... 

If you had a chance to make your community a better place to live, would you do it? What if it didn't require you to change your existing daily routine or add volunteer time to your already hectic day? Our Kickstarter campaign is about to launch, and here is why we want you to join us.  

Imagine if you could have a positive impact while out on your daily jog, taking the dog for a walk, or hiking? After, you could sit back, relax, and know you made a difference in the world today. Sounds great, right?

Well, here you are, in front of your computer or phone, reading this article, wondering how you can get started. There's good news, especially since you're reading this article, you're a step closer to making the world a better place. By being here, it shows you have a desire to do some good in the world.  

Meet Jacob and Seth. A father and son team, who came up with a simple solution to this exact problem we all face today. We'll share their solution to this problem with you in a moment. First, let's share the ah-ha moment that led to Colony Cleanup and their Trail Bag creation.  



ColonyCleanup.com Kickstarter

What led to our Kickstarter, the Colony Cleanup Trail Bag?

The concept behind our product was born one day while hiking with our family. We had been carrying empty plastic grocery sacks with us to collect rubbish. For us, picking up trash was not the hard part; carrying around the plastic bag was. Aside from the fact they're generally not biodegradable (A whole other problem, right?!), the plastic bags were inconvenient and ripped easily.  

That's when we had an ah-ha moment. We tried to think of all the features our ideal bag would have. Our ideas included a simple emptying process, closures, versatility, and a waterproof coating. Why all these features just for a "trash" bag? We knew if it would make it easier for us to carry around trash, it could do the same for others. 

Plus, we knew our bag could do so much more than hold trash. So, if you need to carry your lunch around with you, our bag makes that a hands-free experience. Headed out to the pick cherries for the day? Consider a hands-free bag to put them in. The Trail Bag can be your new go-to bag for whatever you need. We thought, if we can deliver a reliable, eco-friendly, reusable product that's easy to store in the car, trash might get picked up more often. Fast forward to today, here we are ready to launch our Kickstarter! LEARN MORE - TRAIL BAG FEATURES



ColonyCleanup.com Kickstarter Campaign

What trashy problem our Kickstarter product, the Colony Cleanup Trail Bag, solves for you

Today, most people know they're responsible for cleaning up their trash, and their pet's waste. Yet, most people don't do it because, in their minds, it isn't a simple task, or it's gross. However, at Colony Cleanup, we've come up with a solution. Now, we're dreaming about a cleaner world where people take time to clean up their mess, and maybe even some extra. 

Our Kickstarter introduces the Trail Bag. It provides you with a convenient, hands-free, trash-collecting process, plus a whole lot more.  

How does our Kickstarter campaign and the Trail Bag help you? 

We created this bag to meet our needs. Now we want to offer you a better solution for carrying and disposing of trash.

The Colony Cleanup Trail Bag main features include:

  1. Time-saving pull tab to quickly open the top of the bag. 
  2. A clean and simple way to open the bottom for hands-free disposal of your trash.
  3. Convenient, roll-up straps to size the Trail Bag for your activity or load. As you fill the Trail Bag, you can easily adjust the roll-down to hold as much as you need.
  4. Disposable liner bags help you manage liquids and messy solids without causing a mess on you, or the inside of the Trail Bag. 





ColonyCleanup.com - Our Kickstarter is starting July 7, 2020

Can you get in on our Kickstarter? 

Starting July 7, 2020, our Kickstarter campaign begins. We've put together some fantastic early bird packages for our initial backers.  

On the day of the launch, we will be sending out an email with the direct link to our Kickstarter campaign. If you are not receiving our Kickstarter update emails—Sign up here. Doing so ensures you'll receive a notification when our campaign goes live.

We would appreciate your support to help us fund our product. Your support will ensure that we're able to do our part to keep the planet clean and enjoyable.

Why your support on Kickstarter helps us spread our message 

Through our Kickstarter campaign, you can show your support by becoming one of our backers. This backer opportunity tells everyone that you are helping to make the world a cleaner place. Furthermore, it allows you to provide suggestions or enhancement ideas for future versions of the Trail Bag.  

As a financial backer, you will be among the first to receive our first Colony Cleanup product, the Trail Bag. Depending on which backer package you choose, we've thrown in a few extras as our way of saying, "Thank you for your support!" 


ColonyCleanup.com - How you can support our Kickstarter campaign

What does a kickstart campaign mean for our Colony Cleanup product? 

A Kickstarter campaign can help us prove that a market exists for such a product. As a result, your support through Kickstarter and social media increases our potential through product awareness. Likewise, a successful Kickstarter campaign will demonstrate a proof-of-concept and support from potential customers. 

What is Kickstarter? 

Kickstarter is a funding platform where creators raise interest in a specific creative project they would like to launch. 

These projects are entirely driven by crowdfunding. This means that anyone in the general public agrees to support products into production. Each project is produced independently, while friends, and total strangers alike, offer to fund it. In return, "backers" receive a reward or the actual finished product. 

We're feeling enthusiastic about the multitude of uses our bag provides. It's so much more than just a fancy trash bag. From harvesting fruit like cherries, packing lunch on a ski trip, or carrying your child's treasure from their latest hunt, the Trail Bag does it all. 


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